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G-Energy is a marketing arm helping homeowners go green by bringing the three most difficult steps in going solar into one, easy process! Here at G-Energy, our energy consultants create a customized proposal to analyze your homes average power usage. With this we can determine the best way to save you money!

How does this ultimately end with a significantly reduced electric bill? Easy! As you may have gathered, we cater to your home’s needs based off of how much energy you use per month. The solar panels reside on this energy usage analysis.

The solar panels generate the electricity for your house rather than another electric company, hence lowering your electric bill.

Where do we come into play?

We employ a team of professional energy consultants who will provide you with a free consultation on all aspects of this solar energy generation.

The team at G-Energy interacts continuously with homeowners before, during and after installation to provide premium service. We connect you with a licensed contractor and provide assistance with financing, if needed.

G-Energy will guide you through this exciting extravaganza! Let’s start producing green energy together!