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Where to Start

Every home and family’s energy needs are different, this much is apparent. So here at G-Energy, we offer various options to help you find the most logical energy solution. Our goal is to offer premium services at no additional cost to you.

In order to commence your savings process, there are a few initial steps that must be completed.

To begin this process, one of our qualifiers will pair up, one-on-one with you to ask a few questions. The following is a list of information you might want handy during this conversation:

• Your highest and lowest electric bill in the last twelve months
• What energy efficient upgrades you have already done
• Your estimated credit score

Through this, our qualifiers may determine your eligibility for Government and State incentives which can save you a multitude of money on your electric bill!

After eligibility is determined, we will send an energy consultant out for an evaluation of your home in order to create an energy savings plan.

Prior to this visit, there are some things to take into mind:

• To obtain the kilowatts and price of energy you used last year, we will have a conference call with you and the electric company.
• During the visit, we require all persons on the deed of the home to be present.
• The day before and the morning of the appointment, we will give you a courtesy call to ensure you are ready and available for us.

After all of these steps, we are ready to meet with you and work on lowering your high electric bill.

Contact us today to get started on being GREEN!